Monday, November 7, 2011


 As we're moving into the Thanksgiving season it's great to really take a moment, or many moments, to sit back and reflect on all that you truly have to be thankful for! If you are a fellow facebooker you might have noticed the latest status craze that is going around! There are a couple different versions, 25 days of Thanksgiving, or 30 days of Thankfulness, all of which users post daily one thing on their status that they are thankful for. I absolutely love this! It is so refreshing to log in to facebook and read the wave of thankfulness! It is so much more encouraging to read about how happy you are that you have a job, than to read about how unhappy you are with your boss/coworkers! We truly are blessed in so many ways, and it's great that people are taking time to realize it!:)

  Raspberry Cordial would love to hear what you are thankful for!?!?! Please feel free to share with us, we're all kindred spirits here! :)

Check out our facebook page to see what we're thankful for each day!

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