Monday, November 7, 2011

Hunting with a 5 year old boy...

My kids have piano lessons every other Monday.

A friend my husband plays music with lives about 10 doors down from their piano teacher.

We occasionally take walks while waiting for my son or daughter to finish their lesson. Today was a walk day.

First I walked around the block with my 9 year old daughter while carrying my 9 1/2 month old niece (who was adorable! kicking and laughing the whole time!) We walked around the block in 15 minutes then sat outside doing things to make the baby laugh until it was time to trade kids.

Then it was the boy's turn.

"I gotta find Brendan. I know he lives this way. I'm gonna find his house."

"Oh yeah? Do you know which house is his?"


"How are you going to know which one is his?"


"Maybe you could look for his car."

"Oh! Yes! Oh! Wait! I see it! There's his car! That has to be his house. Wow. They have nice trees."

We then walk up to this house with nice trees and my son rings the doorbell. As he's waiting for someone to answer the door, he writes the house number down in his handy dandy notebook with his handy dandy pencil. Well, Brendan didn't answer the door. His dad did. This caused some confusion for the boy.

"Tell him who you're here to see. " I said.

"I'm lookin' for Brendan."

Brendan's dad - awesome guy! - shows Zao inside and points him to Brendan. The conversation between Zao and Brendan went a little bit like this.


"Hey Zao. Whatcha doing?

"Just came to find you and say hi. Bye."

Zao then turned around and walked out of their house!!!

Oh, man! This kid is FUNNY!!! Before we continued our walk, though... he wrote down Brendan's license plate number in his handy dandy notebook with his handy dandy pencil... just to make sure he can find him again!!

So today, I went on a Brendan hunt and was thoroughly entertained by my 5 1/2 year old son!


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  1. You know, us guys are all about cars...and when mom's around it's kinda tough to talk about guy stuff! I'll look forward to reading your blog!