Monday, November 7, 2011

Laura Ingall's Who?!?

 Greetings Raspberry Cordial buddies! Did everyone have a great Halloween? I know we sure did! We went to the Halloween party at my daughter's Tae Kwon Do school (we go every year) and it was a blast! One of the things they do at this party every year is dance! They do the Macarena and (my daughter's favorite) The Cha Cha slide! It's so cute to see all the kids hop three times, especially when they're all in costume! Another highlight of the annual Tae Kwon Do Halloween party is to see what costume Layla's coach, Erjan, is going to be wearing! He is a total crack up and is in character all night for whatever costume he is wearing! In the past he has been Avatar (the person one, not the scary looking blue things! ha ha!), a caveman, and a cheerleader. This year he was one of those street performers you see in Vegas or at Venus Beach! The kids loved it!

  This year Layla dressed up as Laura Ingalls Wilder (Last year for school we did the Prairie Primer which focuses on the Little House on the Prairie series! Our love for the Little House books has only been made stronger after last year's experience on the prairie! I highly recommend this curriculum to anyone!) Before the party all of her friends kept asking who she was going to dress up as, she would tell them, and they would just look at her with an unknowing blank stare, ha ha! When they saw her actual costume though, they finally understood!
 We also participated in the event that was put on at our church! They put on a show for the kids called "A Diary of a Shrimpy Kid", and there was also other activities. There was one of those gigantic blow up slides, and my daughter, nieces and nephew were so excited to go on it! No shoes allowed on it though, and my nieces and nephew were all up and on it before Layla could even get her "Little House boots" off her feet! She stated that next year she does not care what she dresses up as, she is going to wear flip flops!

Halloween is now over and it's time to start brainstorming next year's costume... and time to figure out how to get rid of the rest of this year's candy!?!!

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