Friday, April 8, 2011

What's in a Title

Recently I have become obsessed with a Showtime show called The Tudors, maybe you've heard of it?!(Hello!! Henry Cavill I heart you!!) Well, aside from King Henry's abs and Charles Brandon's Develish good looks this show snagged my interest in the way of noble rights! To Be honest with you before watching this show, I cannot recall myself ever wanting to be a princess (how abnormal for a girl).

I got to thinking about how awesome it would be to have my own title of nobility! So, naturally I googled it! Wow! Who knew there was so much to know about nobility! I am clearly not qualified to be a noble as it took me a week to sift through everything, and figure out how titles work. I pretty much came to the conclusion that I either have to find a single duke and marry him, or dazzle the socks off the queen with my unfathomable talent and humanitarian skills; and of course there is always the option of purchasing a title from some unrecognized nation.
With all these avenues leading nowhere, I decided that perhaps I really do have noble blood in me and just don't know it. I am now the newest member of hoping to find someone important in the limbs of their family tree! This process is taking a little bit longer than I had hoped and as of yet i'm still just a commoner.
It really does boggle my mind how a simple curiosity about noble titles erupted into late night google searches for "Single Dukes under 40 with good teeth". (Single ladies it is not looking too good in the Duke department right now!) So, after a night of searching for an elusive long lost relative on and with a recent Tudors episode all mixing and mingling in my head, I was having a hard time with sleep. I began to wonder why this whole nobility title thing was so important to me? Perhaps it's just my vain nature wanting to feel important, or maybe just to be remembered for something.
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I started thinking of all the relatives in my family tree and where I come from, and by the time that sleep started to come over me, I had come to the conclusion that this whole thing has been ridiculous! (I know you must be thinking "she's only now thinking that this is ridiculous?!") It's ridiculous because here I am doubting my worth by my position in this world, and my importance by the veiws and opinions of others. I also came to the realization that I AM of noble birth!
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Though you won't find me in the lineage of the British royal family...I have a book that attest to my nobility on every single one of its thousand plus pages! You see my father is the King!! I don't have to have a nobel peace prize, I have the Prince of Peace! I've been washed by the blood of the King of Kings, and I have forgiveness pumping through my veins! I am an heir to righteousnes and I shall inherit a kingdom that will never fall or pass away! Now, if that doesn't sound like royalty, I don't know what does! Though I don't have an "official" title to pass on or give to my daughter, I am passing down these same truths to her, and Truth is far better than some silly title anyway!:D


*Please note that The Tudors is not a children's show! (I myself had to hit the ff button at least once in each episode)

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