Monday, April 4, 2011

Make-it Monday!!

Today is Monday and that means we're gonna start the week off right by making something! It could be a recipe, it could be a craft or as in today's idea, it could just be making a fun afternoon for the kiddos!

Today's Make-it Monday is an afternoon snack picnic! It's spring break, it's a beautiful day here in So Cal, so we helped our kids make a picnic, Pillow Pets in tow!! They found a simple basket and some blankets. We helped them add cheerios, popcorn, a pitcher of lemonade and some cups! They are now basking in the cool shade on the green grass enjoying this beautiful weather! They can play the "cloud game" (looking at the clouds for shapes or animals), searching for new spring flowers and counting them, rolling down hills (if you have one), leapfrog, or fairy hunting... but that's a whole 'nother Make-it Monday!

We hope you have fun making an afternoon snack picnic for  your little ones (or your big kids)! Comment and let us know how it went!!

~Alicia and Sonya

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