Monday, April 11, 2011

Make-it Monday!!

Today is Monday and that means we're gonna start the week off right by making something! It could be a recipe, it could be a craft or as in today's idea, making a "Random Lunch"!!!

Random lunches are a favorite in my house! My 5 year old boy requests them almost daily! It's super easy to make them healthy AND fun!! Here's how I do it...

We usually start with a sectioned plate - you know... kinda like this...

Those aren't exactly what we have, but you get the picture!! The ones we tend to use have 4 sections, so of course they have to have 4 different food items!

I try to always get a protein item in there (peanut butter is a favorite), some sort of fruit and/or veggie, crackers of some sort and something dairy! Now, my kids don't have any food allergies (other than a sensitivity to food colorings - but that's a WHOLE different post!), but if yours do you will obviously have to alter things.

One of the things I like to do is put a nice glob of creamy peanut butter and make everything else on the plate things you can dip in the peanut butter! Sliced apples, goldfish crackers, cheese slices, ritz crackers... the list goes on and on!!

Random lunch is a favorite in my house and I hope it can become a new favorite in yours! Changes things up from the boring 'ol sandwich and a piece of fruit or leftovers!!


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