Monday, June 13, 2011

Make-it Monday!!

It's Monday! We have something really fun for you to make this week!! Just make sure you pick up a mop next time you are at the dollar store!!!

This week we are making a Mop-Horse! We made these with our kids this past weekend and they all 3 LOVE them!! I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of them up, I'll try to add some soon!

You will need:

1 mop (see photo below to make sure you get the right kind!) from a dollar store.
Brown craft paper or a brown paper bag - the big kind from the grocery store.
Small amount of newspaper
Stapler with staples
Markers or crayons
Packaging tape

So the mop you get should have this kind of head...

This part of the mop will be your horse's tail!

First you will draw and cut out the shape of a horse's head on your brown craft paper. Make 2 - one for each side. Have your child decorate it with eyes, hair, mouth etc. then using the packaging tape, attach the handle to the back side of one of your horse faces. I used 3-4 strips of tape.

Line up the 2nd side of your horse face and start stapling around the edges. Before you get all the way around, stuff in some newspaper. Don't bother stapling the bottom, I just added some more packaging tape.
Then let your kids run around and enjoy!! We did this as a part of our jousting tournament and we had a blast! The best part was that we had all but the mops on hand so we only spent $1 to make this awesome craft!! Have fun and please share your photos with us!!

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