Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

   The other night I was sitting, reading a book and my daughter was across from me playing. She had turned the couch into a makeshift boat for her sock monkey collection and herself! They had to get upstream to be saved from the piranha! (At least that was the storyline I picked up from her narration lol!) I stopped reading and was just sitting there giggling at her playing! There are so many times that she says funny things and doesn't even know it!
   To this day my mother still reminds me of when I was a child and how I would ask for "chicken Popeye's" for dinner instead of "chicken pot pies", and how whenever we arrived anywhere; I would be in the back of the car saying, "don't forget the baby"! (Obviously I wasn't much of a baby if I was able to say that ha ha!)
  Over the years I have jotted down a few things that my daughter has said that have made me laugh or smile! I thought I would share some of them and see if they could bring a smile to your face as well! Most of them are from when she was a bit younger...but I'm sure when she is "old" with children of her own I will remind her of how cute and hilarious she was as a child!

-After collecting her allowance money,"I'm doper, I'm stronger....I'm richer than you!" (That's when I stopped listening to Kanye West in the car ha ha!)
- after falling on her bottom, " Ow www Mom, I think I broke my butt knuckle!"
- What did the three wise men bring Jesus? Layla's response " Gold, Milk, and Sugar"
- steak sauce is "snake sauce" and she doesn't want A1 she wants "A2"
-in reference to my niece's contact lenses. " Oh, Emily you look so nice you have your eye tacs in!"
-"See ya later crocodile"
-"I want a  peanut-colada smoothie."
-"Mom, it's not an apple tree, it's a papercot tree!"

   Those are just a few of my all time favorites! Layla just recently turned 9yrs old and she usually gets the words right for what she's talking about now ,and sometimes surprises me with really BIG words (however, her spelling is quite hilarious still! It's very creative! For example julery = jewelry.) Time passes by so fast and the things to laugh at are new everyday, I wish I could remember all of them! I encourage you to keep a notepad on the fridge or somewhere handy. When something tickles your funny bone write it down. This way you can laugh in the present and in the future!
  I would love to hear some of your top favorites of what your kids have said! Kids are so funny and one can never tell what they're going to say!!



  1. Well my daughter Lilly is 16 and she use to say the darndest things.
    For watermelon she use to say "walelee" My husband would respond, Watermelon Lilly, "That's what I said, Walelee". Hahaha!
    I had a friend and her name was Victoria. Lilly always called her "Atoya"

    These are the things worth remembering, now that they are older and think they know more then we do! Kids THINK the darndest things!

  2. That is so cute! I so agree with you that these are the things worth remembering! I'm so glad that I have some of these happy lil' moments written down, they always make me laugh when I come across them again! I wonder if by the time my daughter is 16 I'll be glad she keeps her thoughts to herself and doesn't share them with me?! haha! The thought of her being a teenager scares me just a little bit!! lol!:)

  3. Don't forget that Layla sometimes gets "angry" (ingrown) toenails! Makes sense, after all. One of my recent Layla favorites, speaking of big words: "I didn't do it on purpose, grammy, I did it deliberately." :)
    L&P, Grammy Sandee

  4. Thanks for adding those on Grammy! They're good ones I need to add to my list! haha!