Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Introducing: Our pets!

We got a new "pet" today and I thought it would be fun to introduce him as well as the rest of our pets! I realize we don't have a lot according to some people, but it's a lot for our little house! We love them all! So here it goes!!

This is Myles! Myles will be 13 in July. I (Alicia) have had him since about 10 months before my husband and I got married. He was born in a litter my mom-in-law's dog, Honey had. He was the biggest puppy - SO fat, and once they were all full grown, he was the smallest. From about 3 weeks of age he would begin yelping once he heard my voice. He claimed me and has been mine ever since! He weighs in around 7 pounds and is still VERY loyal to me! Unfortunately, he does live his life mostly in lock down. He thinks it's Okay to mark his territory ALL over my house and I don't like that idea! So he comes out occasionally and does his business outside, but he's usually in his "bed"!

This is Princess Nalani. Princess, as we call her, turned 3 years old this month. She weighs in at about 10 pounds (yes - bigger than the dog!) We found her and the rest of her litter on the hill in my parents back yard. Her mama cat was very malnourished and we believe would have died within 24 hours had we not rescued her and the kittens (where mama cat came from is a VERY long and sad story). There was a total of 5 kittens, but only 3 survived. Princess and her 2 sisters were all spayed and given to good homes! Well, we kept Princess... obviously! I chose the name "Nalani" which is Hawaiian because it means "calm as the heavens" and I hoped she would live up to her name. Well, she can but mostly doesn't! She's a spaz who LOVES my daughter, sleeps on her pillow, shares her bathroom and kisses her (EEEEEWWWWWW) often... it grosses me out! I make her stop! She loves laying where she doesn't belong - my sewing table, the kitchen table, my husband's dresser, top of the entertainment center, kitchen counter... you name it! She also has extra toes and it makes her look as though she has thumbs! I can't go to bed at night without giving her some treats - she "yells" at me until I do! This cat is SO annoying, but so sweet and beautiful and I wouldn't trade her for any other!

This is Max! We just adopted Max in November from someone who was moving and could not take him and he is a perfect fit with our family! He is 6 years old and SO good with the kids! He loves sleeping on our daughter's bed (as you can see) and is so passive with the kids that I have no fears of him ever hurting them. He weighs in at 110 pounds (WOW!) and pulled me down the first time I walked him! He LOVES his long walks and HATES baths! This is the first time that we've had a big dog (well, my hubby had a couple growing up, but this is a first for me!) and so far it is a VERY fun experience! We love our Max-ee dog!

And this is the newest member of our family! This is Teddy Bear, my 5 year old son's pet Venus' Flytrap! He is a tiny little thing and has 5 mouths. My boy wanted him SO bad but was afraid to hold him (even though he was in a little plastic box)! I told him that if he would not hold his new pet, I would not buy him! He ended up holding Teddy Bear the rest of the time in the store and all the way home! He keeps pausing his afternoon movie to go check on Teddy! We will see how Teddy Bear grows and see if he helps out when those pesky flies get into my kitchen!!

Well, those are my families pets! What interesting pets do you have?!


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