Monday, May 23, 2011

Make-It Monday!

We've missed a couple (or was it a few?) weeks, but we're back with a VERY simple Make-it Monday!!!

Sweet Potato Pancakes!!!

They may sound not so yummy, but my family loves them more than plain 'ol boring pancakes!! Here we go! Bake a few sweet potatoes... not yams! Make sure they are indeed sweet potatoes. There is a difference! Just bake them as you would a plain potato in the oven or microwave. Let them cool some then remove the skins and puree the insides in a blender or food processor. You will need to add some water to give it a pancake batter consistency. Don't worry about adding too much water, just keep adding a little at a time until it's nice and smooth.

At this point my favorite thing to do is to portion it out into 1 cup portions and freeze it in individual zip top bags! This way you're ready for Sweet Potato Pancakes anytime!

Next you will make you pancake batter. Any kind will do - the just add water stuff, a from scratch recipe or my go-to: Bisquick! Add 1 cup of sweet potato puree to your pancake batter along with 1 tsp. ground cinnamon. Cook them as you usually would and ENJOY!! The sweet potato adds extra vitamins and nutrients and your pancakes taste just a little bit sweeter without any extra sugar!!

Have a fantastic week!!

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