Saturday, April 2, 2011

I've Got Guts

   My youngest brother once told me that I was the brave adventurous one out of our family, and I remember feeling baffled by his observation. You see, I have three brothers, all unique in their own way, and all, in my opinion, far more brave and adventurous than I! They have all embarked on different adventures: one married with an ever growing family, one who loves the outdoors and is soon to be married, and one who is a college graduate and who has traveled the world over on mission trips. I look at myself in comparison to my dear brothers and wonder how is it I can be the adventurous one out of the lot?! I've never been married, or climbed a mountain, or even been on an airplane! The thought of talking to a stranger (let alone about my faith) terrifies me! My life exists all within a 15mile radius of my home! Ha ha!
   So knowing the things I have not done, and feeling mildly depressed after going over that list, I have come up with the one reason I am brave: my kiddo! Without my sweet full of life daughter I would do and be nothing (and I mean this quite literally). She is the reason I can say no to going out on Friday nights with all the other single gals. She is the reason why I'm not married to a man that only fulfills half the criteria on my list. She is the reason why when walking down the cereal aisle at the grocery store we do not look at the prices. She is the reason I get up every morning and head to work no matter how unfulfilling my job is.
   I'm sure these all seem like simple concepts, because anyone who loves their children is willing to make sacrifices for them. However, I'm just starting to realize how brave this actually is! It takes guts to raise a child, and it takes extra guts to raise a child up in the Lord! Whether you are single or married, we all face things for our children that cause us to be courageous; and there is no greater adventure than being a mother!


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